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Chroma Web / Startseite

Chroma Web - The web portal for customer management

  • Chroma web portal:

    Web application used as a web portal, web shop and customer information system that features a secure Login, information on orders and their status, a shopping basket that makes a customer review possible.

  • Chroma Shop order:

    Management of inquiries, customer orders,including interfaces to define the product categories and the price lists relating to product and customer, offered in the shop.

  • Chroma Web Plus:

    Print approval for the up and download of graphics.

  • Chroma Shop Reprint:

    Order of the reprint jobs.

  • Chroma Webstore:

    Access to the semi and manufactured products handled in Chroma.
    Interface for personalizing documents

Chroma Web - The web portal for customer management

Chroma Web

The web portal Chroma Web is a business to business solution for customer service that caters to the special needs of the printing industry. The web portal consists of a parcel of different web applications that the printing shop is offering their current and prospective clients.

Using Chroma Web the printing shop customer is able to access his inquiries and orders 24/7 online. The portal allows easy and real time access to your order status. Following the modern 'web to print' and 'print n demand' concepts the included functions enable you to rationalize the production and approval processes of standardized products. Additionally business activities are automatized, so that the client is able to handle the order maintanance himself.

With Chroma Web you have access to new target audiences online, lower your costs and optimize your printing shop's work flow.

Chroma Web / Bestellliste

List of all orders and their status that were placed in the web portal

Why choose Chroma Web:

Optimized work flow

  • Substantial, about 80% reduced time to market response time
  • Orientation towards modern 'web to print'and 'print on demand' concepts.
  • Rationalization of the order and approval processes.
  • Reduced production and scheduling time, as well as printing data preparartion.
  • Order processing is handled by your customer.

Reduce further costs:

  • Reduced costs in the typesetting, litho and pre-press departments due to automatizing the mechanical production.
  • Saving of the transport costs of proofs and other data.

Flexible customization:

  • Managing an unlimited number of products and customers.
  • Chroma Webshop is included in your web site.
  • The layout matches your corporate design.

Chroma Webshop's advantages for your customers:

  • No more time limits - 24/7 availability
  • Easy order processing due to our intuitiv user navigation.
  • All time access to the status of your order.
  • Price lists for signed up customers (even in foreign currencies).
  • Savety guaranteed by SSL connection.
  • Chroma Web supports the 'Trusted Shops' certificate that offers customer protection.

Chroma Web Produktkonfiguration

Easy collection of inquiries and orders in our online callculation.

Trusted Shops is the certificate for guaranteed customer protection.
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Chroma web portal's functions

Chroma Webshop is the foundation for a data base based shop system and naturally offers and interface to the Chroma management information system.

Contents of the web portal

  • Password secured area for account settings and data.
  • Interface to includethe shop system in your website.
  • Shopping baset as a add-on to Chroma 5 to survey customer entries and to transfer data to Chroma orders or projects.
  • Progress bar that includes the status of your client's order in real time.
  • Interface for an easy customization of the layout to your corporate design

Processing of your customer's inquiries and orders in Chroma Webshop

  • Product specific inquiry and order acquisition.
  • Easy order of other service options.
  • Document upload for a soft proof.
  • Web-based print approval through the customer in Webshop.
  • Online pricing with customer specific price lists.
  • Easy order of reprints.
  • Automatization of business and techincal processes.

Other functions and options relating to the Chroma web portal

  • Administration of special offers and other marketing options.
  • Interfaces to connect the customer's ERP systems.
  • Management and Access to the semi and maufactured products stored by the client.
  • Enhancement of the Chroma Webshop to polylingual settings to internationalize your printing shop.

Chroma Web - Zusätzliche Serviceleistungen

Just pick premium services with one little click.

Chroma Web - Softproof

Easy managing and approving of soft proofs in Chroma web portal.