Pragma Informationssysteme GmbH


ChromaPlan - Substituting chance with strategy

An electronic planing table for your production agenda, including cost unit capacty planing and interfaces to claculate offers and Pragma CDA/ MDA (actual).

A vitamin pill for your printing shops's cash flow

By supporting your production scheduling intelligently using the PPS module ChromaPlan, you'll gain tons of options for further optimization. In your scalable, electronic planning table you can follow the work progress in real time and are able to adjust to sudden changes using the included scheduling algorithm. At the same time we are trying to acheive the goals of set uptime optimization and adherence to schedules. Management by walking around will become superfluous with the coordinated machine, amount and time-limit scheduling. The system will guarantee that your resources are managed ideally by securing optimum utilization and careful planing. Even though you gain flexibilty you'll be able to survey your production clearly at any point. Due to well aranged diagramms and production schedules you'll be the one pulling the strings and have knowledge of all action at the same time.